Miles and Miles of You is LIVE!

Miles and Miles of You is finally here and I can’t wait for you guys to meet Miles and Lucy! I love a good road trip romcom, and these two definitely needed to get out of their comfort zone (and the office) to truly see one another. I love all of my characters, but these two hold a special place in my heart because they challenged me in new ways as a writer and they have the best banter. Plus, the spicy scenes are 🔥🔥🔥. If you love steamy road trip romcoms with a high stakes bet, hilarious animal sidekicks, grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity/only one bed, and a self-made billionaire who know his business, but not his heart, this one’s for you!

Get on board with @SoSavvyTraveler!

Lucy Gonzalez might have once been a stressed personal assistant, but now she’s hitched up her grandma’s bitchin’ vintage Airstream and hitting the road with all the best places to find cheap eats and see the sights on a shoestring budget.

And she has company along for the ride. If those thirst-worthy abs seem familiar, it’s because they belong to billionaire Miles Hart. True story, he used to be Lucy’s boss until she quit on him. Something about not being appreciated? Anyway, you will appreciate Miles—and his groveling—plenty on this trip.

Now, you have front-row seats to the hottest trip of the year. Sparks! Fireworks! Unexpected smooching! And you won’t want to miss the jaw-dropping surprise that will make this destination totally worth the hilarious journey…